Gintama Shimura Shinpachi Figure

Finally, the long awaited time has come…Megahouse is giving us Shimura Shinpachi!

Megahouse is finally giving us Shimura Shinpachi figure! It’s been a long road but he’s finally here. Shinpachi was placed 8th in the character popularity ranking contest, so he’s not really one of the most popular characters except, he is one of the main characters and so, he does deserve a figure. But as we all know, when something isn’t popular, you don’t really get anything. So what a surprise it is for them to be making Shinpachi! Seriously, I never thought this day would come but I guess the manufacturers are listening to the wants of the fans more (just a bit more).

“Is a Shinpachi figure really no good? Then there’s ‘that.’ At the worst, just the glasses would be fine.” – Sakaguchi Daisuke.

Rough translation of what it says (since my japanese isn’t that great).

There’s no prototype yet so far, just a little card mentioning him. This was just announced at the latest Megahobby Expo May 2012  so to be expected. Still, they could have put a replica of his glasses there, that would have been funny :>

Manufacturer: Megahouse
Character: Shimura Shinpachi
Series: Gintama
Release Date: ?
Price: ?

Well, we’re going to have to wait for the prototype to show up or some sort of picture to get an idea of what he’ll look like! Though, I’m expecting a simple standing pose of him, since that’s how a majority of the Gintama figures have been. Barely any extra accessories or parts to change the characters with and the men basically just pose with the exception of Okita Sougo and Shiroyasha! Who have a dynamic pose! Though, I got to say, they do take up a lot of room with their stand haha. Even so, still amazing figures.

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