Gintama Kagura, Kyubei & Hijikata Figure

Megahouse just keeps bombarding us with so many figures and its seriously making me worry about my wallet.

Just recently announced for their Gintama line are Kagura, Yagyu Kyubei and Hijikata Toushirou!

Character: Kagura
Manufacturer: Megahouse
Series: Gintama
Release Date: ?

Character: Hijikata Toushirou
Manufacturer: Megahouse
Series: Gintama
Release Date: ?

Character: Yagyu Kyubei
Manufacturer: Megahouse
Series: Gintama
Release Date: ?

Based on a poll a while back, Megahouse hosted 4 different polls, each block featuring different characters from the series. We all speculated that it was going to be a contest to see what the fans wanted for their next production. The winners were:

1st place: Kagura
2nd place: Hijikata Toushirou
3rd place: Yagyu Kyubei

And…winners 4-8

4th: Tsukiyo
5th: Young Gintoki
6: Sa-chan
7: Leukocyte King
8: Gintoki

As we can see…Gintoki is quite popular! Seeing how there are 3 other versions of him the fans want even though there are already 3 versions of him out there! (Well, one isn’t REALLY Gintoki). If you’re wondering which versions they are, its his first release, then his limited edition release of the first release, but they made it the benizakura arc version (with the umbrella that Otae lent him) and Shiroyasha.


I’m not one to really purchase female figures since I’m particularly picky and I don’t have much room to display my figures, so I tend to only buy the ones I want (which are the males!) However, I’ve been wanting a Kagura figure for so long. She’s one of my favorite female characters, and actually, I was quite surprised they haven’t made her by now seeing how the market applies to much to female figures. Even so! I’m glad that they will be making her~ I’m curious as to what outfit they’ll give her since she wears various ones, but I’m going to guess it may be her traditional Chinese dress. Either way, I’m excited.

Yagyu Kyubei

Another surprise they gave me is Kyubei! I never actually expected her to made! But I’m quite excited since she’s really cute.

Hijikata Toushirou

Someone who I wasn’t expecting to win…Hijikata! Well, he has moved up a spot since the last popularity ranking. He’s now in 2nd place as of the 3rd official character popularity ranking. Quite honestly, I’m excited since Hijikata is my second favorite after Gintoki.

But, one thing that I’m concerned about is his outfit. What are they going to use? I hope its not his shinsengumi uniform since well…that was already his first figure. I wouldn’t mind a Yukata version or maybe something that will surprise me. Well, we’ll have to see.

As of yet, there are no prototypes of them but we’ll be seeing some soon enough.

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