UtaPuri Musical Note Mugs

What better way is there to sip a cup of hot tea or coffee? Using an UtaPuri mug of course!

This is an adorable Uta no Prince-sama mug of Ittoki Otoya!

Release date: April 2012
Manufacturer: Broccoli
Series: Uta no Prince-sama
Price: 1,000 yen + (depending on where you get it at)
Size: 80 (diameter) mm x 92 mm

Anyways, I’m going to review the mug!

The mug comes in a basic blue-ish boy…like how most broccoli made mugs come in. On the very top of the box, there’s a sticker with the price information and a design layout of the mug.

Because Ittoki Otoya’s color is red (even his hair is red), the mug itself is a vibrant red! With an adorable design of him in chibi form (famous artwork by Yupon-sensei). He’s so freaking cute, just like how his character is.

Alright! Gonna go with a 360 picture tour! At the top, all around are music notes with leger lines as well as tiny stars. Then there’s little whites dots decorated all around the cup.

On the back is a crest of the school and his name written on it. And the handle is of course, a music note! It’s a bit hard to hold since the hole is smaller than normal handles but its do-able.

The inside is just plain white, a good way to see the liquid you’ll be pouring inside.

I’m very happy with the mug! It’s super cute. Even though I don’t drink much coffee or tea, I want to use it, but then, I’m also reluctant to use it since I’m afraid I might break it ^^

Anyways, there are 6 other designs as well and in total, there are 7 different mugs. Here are the others:

I really want to collect the others but sadly, they are mostly sold out. I really wanted to get Natsuki since I think its freaking adorable >.< but he’s sold out mostly everywhere which sucks. So I went and got Tokiya (because I need him to match with Ittoki) and Masato cause I like the blue and he looks cute. They aren’t too expensive but of course, if you bought all seven, that would cost quite a bit.

These are really cute so its a must buy for UtaPuri fans! Even if its for collection :3!

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