Durarara Plush!

Don’t you just adore how cute these two look?

Newly produced Durarara plushies of Izaya Orihara and Shizuo Heiwajima in their Psychedelic version. Basically, a spin-off.

Title: Durarara!!
Manufacturer: Alter
Release Date: September 2012
Size: Approx. 200 mm tall
Price: 2,730 yen at amiami

Yep, they are each 2,730 yen PER plush, so if you want both together, that’d cost you 5,460 yen.

Quite costly for plushies, but because they are made by Alter, expect them to be good quality! I usually don’t collect many plushies because I have no where to put them, BUT, i definitely couldn’t pass these up! Too cute and I especially like the design of the two. They’re matching, and, well, they look great. Similar to plush made by Gift.

I’m surprised they didn’t make Tsugaru and Psyche. Tsugaru being Shizuo’s other spin-off version (if you’ve seen pictures, the one in the blue kimono). That would have been a match but this is nice too!

Anyways,more pictures :3

Shizuo Heiwajima

I like how he comes with his cigaratte and you can attach it to his mouth. What I’m guessing is that it might be magnetic? Since it appears that you can also attach it to his hand! Or if not magnetic…velcro?

Orihara Izaya

Izaya is so adorable. I love his little smile :3 So fitting for him!

If you’re a Durarara!! fan, and if you have the budget, you should definitely get this! :3

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