Persona 4 Kuma/Teddie Nendoroid

I swear, these figures are just popping out of no where and it certainly applies to Teddie! He just appeared and gave me quite a surprise!

Persona 4 is certainly on the rise after the anime adaption. Good Smile Company has also released a Yukiko Amagi Nendoroid as well. I’m surprised she’s so popular, cause well, she’s not my favorite girl from the series/game.

Anyways, I thought Teddie would have been a pretty plain nendoroid but he’s actually REALLY cute, and maybe, one of my favorite nendoroids. I’m not a huge fan of nendoroids myself.

Series: Persona 4
Character: Kuma/Teddie
Company maker: Good Smile Company
Release Date: Nov 2012
Price: 3,000 yen +

Let’s take a look at the different pieces he comes with.

Isn’t this face adorable?! O(≧∇≦)O

But the best part has yet to come…

LOOK WHAT’S INSIDE THE BEAR SUIT? I-IT’s…the human form Teddie! If you guys watched the series, when Teddie finally defeats his shadow and finds his ‘real self’, he ends up getting a human body. So before all the happened, his body was hallow. I give props to GSC for thinking this up! Since I usually loathe them since they are so bias towards males. AND CAN YOU SEE THAT HE LOOKS NAKED? Well, I’m not really sure what’s ‘in’ there from the picture.

And here’s him completely out of the bear suit. Tis cute. (^∇^) If it wasn’t for this, I most likely wouldn’t have ordered him since I promised myself I’d only buy things I really really wanted. And guess, this is one of them! But thank god, it’s a November release. If it was September…I’d be dead. (Seriously, I need to limit myself!)

So for those of you who do or don’t know the show, is this a nendoroid worth paying for?

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