Only the Ring Finger Knows Vol 5

Finally, Only the Ring Finger Knows Volume 5 will be released in English! Yay! The japanese had been released so long ago and it’s taken awhile for it to be translated into english. So I’m glad! I’m not experienced enough in my japanese to read a novel yet ^^;

Anyways…the summary for the final volume:

“Wataru is still reeling from learning that Youichi is not only delaying his return from visiting his old girlfriend in New York, but that Youichi has returned his ring, as well. With graduation looming, is this the end for the lovers, or merely a new beginning?”


I’m sad to know its the final volume but I’ve waited a long time so I’ll be glad to finish this! Only the Ring Finger Knows was my first BL manga! Can you believe that? I went to a local bookstore and found the manga there and I took a peek inside. And I’m like “ok…boys…and boys..interesting…” and I went to purchase it quickly before my friends could find out what I bought. ^^; I still have the original manga now! Including the first 4 volumes! Haha, the moment they were released, I headed down to the book shop to buy it.

Anyways, I think you all would like to hear about the release date.

Title: Only the Ring Finger Knows Volume 5
Author: Satoru Kannagi & Odagiri Hotaru
Price: $10.95 @ Amazon
Release Date: Sept 11, 2012

It’s actually set to release August 29, but apparently, Amazon won’t have it in stock until the 11th, which sucks. So you can pre-order it now at Amazon or, if you’d like, you could wait for Akadot to have it (not sure when they’ll it in their shop).

It’s months away until then, but I’m super excited! I only wish it would come out earlier because, well, September means it’s almost time for s-sch- Ok, let’s not go there haha.

So I got mine on pre-order! Will anyone else be getting it?

In the meantime, I think I’ll re-read the first 4 volumes to prepare for the 5th! I’ve actually read them countless times already but I never get tired!

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2 Responses to Only the Ring Finger Knows Vol 5

  1. Oh Good Day! I’m just wondering if there would be a chance of finding a a soft copy of the 5th volume that would be uploaded on the net? I’m very sorry for asking, but I’ve tried my best to avail the 5th Volume but failed for they always tell me that there are no providers or out of stock 😦 Thank You 🙂

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