Toki no Kizuna

Lately, I’ve been really into Otome games. I took a break from playing some because of school and whatnot. I have yet to finish playing Hakuouki and other games and yet, here I am! Still searching for more.

Anyways, rumor has is, or so as someone told me, this new otome game is supposed to be really good. It’s called Toki no Kizuna and takes place in the Sengoku Era! (Yay for Sengoku Period)

Toki no Kizuna 十鬼の絆
Developer: Otomate
Publisher: Idea Factory
Release Date: July 2012
Price: 5,000 yen+

The prices range from 5,000 yen – 8,000 yen (depending on where you order it from) as well as the editions.

Regular Edition:
Comes with the drama CD
5,040 yen @ amiami

Limited Edition:
Drama CD & Special Booklet
6,780 yen @ amiami

AmiAmi also offers the game with their special bookstore card. It cost 1,000 yen more for the regular and limited edition each. From what I heard, it’s just a card with a picture on it, so it’s not really worth the extra money just to get it.

If you’ve played Hakuouki or at least seen the anime series, this does has a similar ‘feel’ to it since they both take place in Feudal Japan and also includes ‘Oni’ or demons. I can’t really compare them at the moment since I have yet to play Toki no Kizuna BUT, this game does look a lot nicer than Hakuouki and it sounds more interesting.


The story takes place in the Sengoku Period, a year after the death of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. War descends upon the human world once again and Yase-hime, the head of the ten Demon clans, becomes worried about the future of her people. The heroine is the leader of the Suzumori clan and is a guard for Yase-hime. Anxious about the involvement of the Demons with the humans, Yase-hime travels to each of the ten clans to ask them to withdraw their contact with the humans. On the night that the heads of each clan were gathered to honor her orders, Yase-hime was attacked and fell into a deep sleep. After the incident, the ten clan leaders started to search for the attacker, meaning, they’ll be breaking the one thing Yase-hime wanted to prevent them from doing – coming in contact with humans. Suzumori Yukina is a strong guardian and she seeks out to find a way to revive the sleeping princess while at the same time, carrying another mission – to stop the demons involvement with the humans. Thus, she departs on her journey.

The story sounds  pretty interesting actually. It does have similar concepts to Hakuouki, the demons getting involved in human affairs and such. But, I like the fact that we get to be the demons this time around and play from their perspective. Not to mention, the heroine sounds bad ass. She’s supposedly strong and a guard and sounds like she has a tough mission. So I’m hoping that she does come out strong rather than weak, whiny and needs protection from the guys.


I think her design is cool ^^

Chitose (CV: Itou Kentarou)
He is the head of Kyuushuu. He fights with a sword. His personality is outgoing, friendly and can be overconfident.

Kazuya (CV: Kamiya Hiroshi)
Cool, respected and reserved, he is the head of Mutsu. He dual-wields with two swords that were handed down by his family.

Okay, I’m not going to lie, but Kazuya really captured me when I was looking at the characters for this game. THEN, I find out that he’s voiced by Kamiyan? Whoa, PLUS! Thus…I pre-ordered the game! o^^o Kamiyan is my favorite seiyuu and I find it hard to find him in a good otome game sometimes. I found that he was in Brothers Conflict but he’s the freaking pet…

Moving on…*Ah-hem*

Kazutake (CV: Nomura Kenji)
He is the oldest of the ten leaders. He fights bare-handed (bad ass) and he’s very reliable and a good care taker.

Sounds to me like a good guy! *o* Looking forward to his route.

Shin (CV: Hino Satoshi)
The demon head of China. A very proud demon.

Well, those are the guys that you can go after! There will also be other characters in there as well. Not to mention, each character has a ‘demon’ form to them.

This game sounds exciting and I’m really looking forward to it! (Especially Kazuya and Kazutake’s route). Voice samples of the main boys will be up June 29th on the website.

I’ve picked up the limited edition since I’m a sucker for limited versions plus, I wanted the special booklet even though I’m not really sure what it is haha!

It shall be released next month! Woot! I’ll update more when I get the package! That means…an unpacking post ^o^

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