Natsume Takashi Voice Mascot Review

It’s been a while since I said I would review those voice mascots! Well, here I bring you the first of the six! Natsume Takashi :3!

Natsume is voiced by Kamiya Hiroshi. Each character has 2 lines that they both say. Anyways, let’s continue onto review the figure!

As you can see, one of his bangs is all scratched up for some…odd reason. But I think his face  has been sculpted well and the colors are nice, it matches Natsume really well. He’s in his winter uniform and is wearing a hakama. In his hands is the book of friends which has also been well crafted with the details.

The button is in the front. Just push it for him to speak! And the title of the show is above the button.

Side Shot!

Back shot! here you can see his hakama a lot better. It’s been detailed with the flower patterns and the soft colors of blue and green. If you haven’t seen Natsume’s prize figure made by banpresto, he’s wearing the same hakama as well! So this is like a mini figure of the bigger size though the scaled one is wearing a kimono. I own that figure and plan to review on it a little later.

Also you can see the speakers are in the back as well as the switch to turn it off or on.

On a closer shot, you can see that the paintings aren’t all that perfect but it’s still quite good.

So cute! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

So what do you think? Isn’t Natsume a cutie! Haha! I love how they have done his face. A tiny smile and his eyes are adorable.

Here’s a video of the voice samples! Click to watch!

The sound is a little muffled but I find it pretty clear :3!

自分にで出来ること見つけたんです。- I found my own way of doing things.


My hearing’s not that great but I think that’s what Natsume said lol. And those are only rough translations -3-; The second one he’s scolding the cats, saying they can’t do something ~

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