Sakura-Con 2012 Report

Sakura-con 2012 was held from April 6-8, but yes, I’m super late on doing the report. Like, months late! I’ve been meaning to do it but I’ve just gotten lazy. I have to resize each picture, then upload them, then write stuff out and yeah, all in all, I’m lazy and I forgot about it as well! Plus, I need to make a slideshow of it too!

So, there’s quite a bit of picture and it’ll be image heavy! Beware if your internet sucks! Cause mine sure does! Also, I know most of the characters, so I’ve noted that below the pictures. The ones that are left unsaid, I don’t know what it’s from. And…there may be some random shots of…random stuff lol!

I only attended the con on Friday and Saturday, didn’t go Sunday since I was all tired out and plus, Sunday doesn’t really have much. I just wanted to go shop in the market! But, no one wanted to go so oh well. It’s all good because I saved money! But only to spend it on another figure lol.

This is my fifth year attending Sakura-con and it’s always fun every year! Should I tell you who I went as? Or should I just let you guess it out? lol, well, I’ll let you guess it out!

Yoko from Gurren Lagann

New World Luffy, Jewelry Bonney & Boa Hancock from One Piece

Character from Kuroshitsuji (Manga)

One Piece Photoshoot

Date Masamune & Yukimura Sanada from Sengoku Basara

Jewelry Bonney from One Piece & Yukimura Sanada from Sengoku Basara

Mihawk from One Piece


League of Legends

One Piece – A lot of cosplays from the movie Strong World this year…even though it came out last year!

Vivi and Caru from One Piece

Shirahoshi, Madam Sharly & Jewelry Bonney from One Piece

Akihito, P3 Protagonist, Mitsuru & Yukari from Persona 3

Admiral Kizaru from One Piece. Great pose!

Master Roshi!

Simon from Gurren Lagann

Luigi, Peach & Mario (not that I really needed to name them!)

Keiji from Sengoku Basara

Freddie from Cromartie High

World of Warcraft

Bon Clay (Mr. 2) and Buggy from One Piece

Alice in Madness

Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail

Mokujin from Tekken

Ririchiyo Shirakiin & Soushi Miketsukami from Inu x Boku SS

Shion & Nezumi from No. 6



Araragi Koyomi from Bakemonogatari

Bon-chan! or Mr.2 from One Piece

Alois Trancy from Kuroshitsuji II

Inspector from Toy Story 2


Tenaki, Yukimura Sanada & Tsuruhime from Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes (PS3 video games)

Saika Magoichi, Ishida Mitsunari, Mori Motonari & Yukimura Sanada from Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes & the anime

Lavi, Crown Clown Allen, Allen, Miranda (I think) from D.Gray Man

That one game. I forget the title.

Junpei from Persona 3! He’s awesome! It’s rare finding a Junpei :3

Steins Gate

Virgo from Fairy Tail

Zoro & Jewelry Bonney from One Piece

Saitou Hajime & Chizuru Yukimura from Hakuouki

Jewelry Bonney, Law Trafalgar & Kid Eustas from One Piece – The Rookies!

Soushi & Ririchiyou from Inu x Boku SS

Lucy & Loki from Fairy Tail

Ciel from Kuroshitsuji

Okumura Rin & his Papa from Ao no Exorcist

Female Vincent from Catherine

Double Yukimura! School version and normal version from Sengoku Basara

Rin & Yukio from Ao no Exorcist

Mitsunari, Date & Yukimura from Sengoku Basara

Natsu, Erza & Lucy from Fairy Tail

Mario Katsura! From Gintama

Sakata Gintoki from Gntama

The 6- er, 4 paths of Pain from Naruto

Motochika and Mori from Sengoku Basara (Game Version)

Do I need to say who these characters are? I think you know :>

Oh-ho,a challenge.

Morgana from League of Legends

Sanji from One Piece

Blue Rose and Ivan from Tiger and Bunny

Pepsi Nex!

Sasuke, Yukimura & Date from Sengoku Basara.

Vincent, Trisha & Katherine from Catherine

Kagura from Gintama

Okita Souji & Toudou Heisuke from Hakuouki

Vocaloid Alice in Wonderland version

Eiji, Kaidoh and Fuji from Prince of Tennis


Oji-sannnn!!! OR Kotetsu T. Kaburagi from Tiger & Bunny~

Random shot of the Exhibition Hall, aka, the market

Natsu, Lucy & Gray from Fairy Tail


The GREAT Saiya man of course!

…Gohan lol

Okay, so I felt like this is an accomplishment and kind of off topic but…I recently rewatched ALL of DBZ in like, a month, including Dragon Ball too. And my god, Dragon Ball is FREAKING adorable and good. It’s adventure time with Goku!

*Ah-hem* moving on.

Konoe & Asato from Lamento.

(;∀;) No Rai? I’m a Rai x Konoe fan.

Female Yu Narukami OR P4 Protagonist and bff Yosuke Hanamura! from Persona 4.

Damn, I can’t wait for P4: The Golden to come out!

Gintama Photoshoot

Bad shot, but lol, Darth Vader!

Anything goes when it comes to Gintama!

P4 Protagonist/Yu Narukami

And so…we end the con report with Gintoki!

That’s all the pictures I’ve taken! Wish I could have taken some more but I was busy having fun!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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