June Loot

I received these packages quite a while ago but I never had the time to post them up! These are stuff bought back in June. It’s not anything excessively big.

The stuff I ordered from amiami~ Not manly items but still cost me a lot

Kuroko no Basket Character Singles! :3

Ta-da! Here is the loot!

unwrapped :>

Tokiya and Hijirikawa mugs~

I should use these for drinking tea or coffee.

Brothers Conflict – Passion Pink! I haven’t played this quite yet, since I’m trying to beat other games. I’m really slow at beating games! Always having too much other crap to do.

Natsume Yuujinchou Anthology by mtd & Same Different by Nozomu Hiiragi!

Kurobas SINGLES! I heard the songs and I couldn’t resist and bought them! They have really goods songs and since they were such a good price for a single, I bought them…but well, you know, buying 5 singles adds up >.< But I’m shooting for the collection!

There’s 5 more singles to be releases.

The CD design has a picture of each character :3

Well that’s all there is!

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2 Responses to June Loot

  1. アユ says:

    THAT LOOT!!!!!!!!! SO BEAUTIFUL ;w;

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