Kuroko no Basket Character Singles

Again, late in the game. But well, I wanted to blog about this since I have an obsession with Kuroko no Basket right now!

With the release of the anime, they decided to release character singles of certain characters which I think is awesome because I adore character singles. I love listening to the seiyuus sing! And, what’s also great are the songs! These are some pretty good songs overall ~ And definitely worth the listen.

So far, five volumes have been released, but there are another 5 volumes set for release + 3 Duet singles.

Each CD has 6 tracks. 2 songs, 2 monologues and 2 instrumentals.

The first volume is of course, the main character.

Vol 1 – Kuroko Tetsuya (Kenshou Ono)

Vol 2 – Taiga Kagami (Yuuki Ono)

Vol 3 – Ryota Kise (Ryohei Kimura)

Vol 4 – Shintaro Midorima (Daisuke Ono)

Vol 5 – Kazunari Takao (Tatsuhisa Suzuku)

Out of all the five singles, I really liked Kuroko’s and Takao. But I also liked a lot of the other songs as well! They sang so well~ Anyways, the next few character singles to be released are:

Vol 6 – Junpei Hyuga (Yoshimasa Hosoya)
Vol 7 – Shun Izuki (Hirofumi Nojima)
Vol 8 – Shinji Koganei (Takuya Eguchi)

Set for release in September. There is currently no cover art.

Vol 9 – Aomine Daiki (Junichi Suwabe)
Vol 10 – Kiyoshi Teppei (Kenji Hamada)

Set for release in October. No cover art.

I’m excited for all of them but the one I’m most excited for is Kiyoshi Teppei! Since he’s my favorite character in the series <3~ I freaking adore him. But also looking forward to hearing Junichi Suwabe too! As well as the others, like Hirofumi Nojima~

For the duet singles:

Vol 1 – Kagami Taiga & Kuroko Tetsuya
Vol 2 – Kise Ryouta & Kuroko Tetsuya

Set for release in August

Vol 3 – Midorima Shintaro & Takao Kazunari

Set for release in September!

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