July Loot

I feel like I just made a post on my previous loots and again, here is some more loots! They get sent out at different times so I don’t always get them at the same time.

By the way, Okita is just here to present one of the items! There is more under the cut :3

My loot! Again, it’s nothing TOO big. And it looks like I forgot to picture my wall scroll in this picture! But that’s okay.

Anyways, its mainly manga in my loot as you can see~

Border v1-3 ~ Have yet to read it! But I really enjoy this series so I had to buy it to read it.

Kuroko no Basket v18 – lol, the first manga I bought out of the series. I’m collecting them in reverse order!~

Kuroko no Basket – Character Bible

This book sold out SO fast so I was lucky to have grabbed it from YesAsia before it sold out again. They did make a re-print but I got the first print edition which comes with the sticker! The book itself is pretty thick and it has a lot of information in it. I have yet to read through it yet.

Storm Lover Kai!

Didn’t get the first press sadly since it was long sold out but even so, I’m happy to have bought the game! I’m super excited to play it since I’ve heard some pretty good reviews on it.

Tight Rope OVA vol 2

This is the second OVA to Tight Rope. I didn’t get to buy the first one…yet. Plan to eventually buy it later since I need both for a complete set!

Uta no Prince-sama wall scroll

It’s Ittoki and Tokiya ~ Ittoki’s my favorite so I had to buy it though it made my shipping cost more cause they had to ship it in a bigger box…

But it’s a really nice wall scroll! I hung it up on my wall~

The wall scroll is smaller than the normal size wall scrolls – you know, the ones that you can find at local anime shops & anime cons.

The size is 728 x 515 mm

There’s 2 other wall scrolls too! One of Natsuki & Sho, Hijirikawa & Ren. Retailed at 2693 yen -.-

And not pictured here since I was lazy to take a picture are KHR doujinshi by 7men zippo.

That’s all there was to my loots! Until next month’s, well technically, this month’s but I won’t be receiving the items till next month :>

I’ll be doing a review on the unboxing of Tight Rope so look forward to that next!

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