Tight Rope OVA Vol 2

You can only guess what this picture is! At least I hope you know.

But well, I’ll tell you. It’s Tight Rope OVA!

Tight Rope by Natsume Isaku received a 2 episode anime adaptation.

Akira is excited to watch it :3 He’s grabbing the DVD while Shiki’s waiting on him lol.

Though anyways…

Summary: Tightrope tells the tale of the reluctant heir of a yakuza family and his childhood friend, and follows their love relationship that started budding in their school days and keeps developing slowly but surely

Source: myanimelist

The first episode was released back in May and the second part in June.

Anyways, I was able to purchase the second OVA DVD! But I didn’t buy the first one…yet. I plan to get it later (hopefully, it’s still in stock).

Tight Rope Vol 2: Kore kara mo zutto issho ni Oro na
Release Date: June 27
Limited Edition
Price: 3800 yen

The Limited Edition comes with comic booklet (12 pages), CD (Free talk) and illustrated Box. nothing too special.

The whole package! Still wrapped up :3

The back of the box. A bunch of lovely screen caps.

Here’s what you get. The box, the dvd case, the booklet. All the same picture design! lol. Could have done something a bit different for each but oh well.

The booklet!

Has like a 4-5 page comic ~

If you can see, Naoki has a hickey (´・ω・`)

Payback! But he’s happy.

The DVD Case.

The back side! Has less screen caps than the box cover.

The inside. Left side is the Free-talk CD and then the right, is of course, the DVD.

I haven’t watched the 2nd part yet but I plan to later today! :3

It’s a great show so you should all watch it! Buy the DVD to support the artist too then we can get some more BL anime ~ (=^ェ^=)

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2 Responses to Tight Rope OVA Vol 2

  1. アユ says:

    I absolutely LOVE Tightrope! AND THE SEIYUU TOO! Kyaaa Tachi and Tatsun’s kansai ben ❤ I really hope they release more BL adaptations ❤

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