DRAMAtical Murder – Aoba Ren


This was a HUGE surprise. Who would have thought they would have made a BL male figure other than Togainu no Chi? You’ll be surprised to find out who is making him too!

DRAMAtical Murder – Aoba Ren
Maker: Max Factory
Price: ??
Release Date: ??
Scale: 1/7

YEP, it’s Max Factory. I was thinking it might have been Kotobukiya since they usually pick that stuff up but who would have though, Max Factory?! They usually only make girls too.

But either way, Max Factory has some nice figures and I have to say, the sculpting for Aoba looks freaking amazing. He’s so detailed and nicely color. Plus, its finally a male with a dynamic pose! We’re missing too much of that with male figures.

Anyways, for those who don’t know, DRAMAtical Murder is a BL game produced by Nitro+Chiral. The main character in the game is Aoba Ren.

I’m not sure if he’ll be exclusive or not, but it may be a standard release since I don’t think Max Factory does exclusives that much. Well, if its a standard release, then lucky us! He won’t cost us extra money since I’m guessing he might more expensive than the standard 1/8 scale figure prices.

Can’t wait to see a release date!

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