Megahouse – Childhood Sakata Gintoki

Wonfes just came and pass and there quite a bit of new male figures they introduced!

One of them being another Gintoki from Megahouse! But this time, it’s childhood Gintoki!

Gintama – Childhood Gintoki
Maker: Megahouse
Release Date: ??
Price: ??

This is just the prototype so far so there’s no release date yet for it, but I’m going to guess it’ll be way later on. I’m expecting the price to be a little cheaper than the normal 1/8 scales since the figure will be smaller.

Gintoki looks so weird being all happy and running like that. Cause I think he was kind of an emo kid, just a bit :3

Either way, I’m excited to see the finish product! I’m a super fan of Gintoki so I will be getting this!

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