Animate x Gift Collaboration

From the banner, you can tell that this is another event!

Animate and Gift are collocating together and hosting an Animate x Gift Collaboration shop! This is only being help at the Animate in Ikebukuro from August 1 to Sept 2.

What sucks is this is an in-store event so you’ll need someone to get the items for you if you want any!

Anyways, they have a bunch of goodies!

If you spend over 3,000 yen, you get a shopping bag! You can chose from an UtaPuri shopping bag, Nitro+Chiral, or Otomate bag (Hakuoki + Amnesia).

Aw, all the bags are so cute! :3 It’s definitely hard to chose from.

For 1,000 yen each, they’ll be selling these ADORABLE glasses!

DRAMAtical Murder

They are around 110 mm tall. so, 10-ish cm! Kind of small but the designs are cute.

You know those gasaphon machines? Well, there will be some at the event!

Though there are different gasaphons depending on what days you go.

So from August 1 ~, they will have Hakuoki magnets and Amnesia buttons?

August 10 ~ UtaPuri buttons
200 yen PER piece

August 17 ~ Nitro+Chiral buttons and Toki no Kizuna magnets
200 yen PER piece

August 24 ~ Lucky Dog 1 and DRAMAtical Murder straps
300 yen PER piece

Okay! Onto the main items they’ll be selling! I won’t be posting everything on here though.

From Amnesia, there will be:

Glass Cup
Book covers
Deco Stickers


They’ll be releasing some new items as well as selling some already released items:

Ittoki & Tokiya Plush Straps – yep, they are the ones in the picture
Cecil Plush
UtaPuri Plush – All 6 boys
iphone deco-stickers

Nitro+Chiral has a lot of nice goodies!

Glass cup
Book cover
Shiki & Akira Plush
Jumpsuit Keisuke & Akira Plush
Y!Shirt Akira Plush Strap
Rubber Coasters
Deco Stickers

Deco Stickers
Suit Plushies – all 6 boys
Other plushies

For Lamento, they’ll be releasing the Rai plush strap! So cute!

Glass cup
Book cover
Deco Stickers

Most of the things are similar…lol I’m getting tired of typing it out! haha


Glass cup
Book cover
Deco Stickers
iphone deco stickers

Aoba Plush
Glass Cup
Book mark
Mouse pads
Deco Stickers

Book marks
Deco Stickers

And here are some more items! There aren’t much of it. They’ll be selling Meigurumi plushies. Toki no Kizuna Bookmarks & Mousepad. Sweet Pool card sleeves, handkerchief & Youji plush strap.

From Nitro+Chiral’s mascot, Naito-kun, a rubber coaster and his plush.

And they”ll be selling 1 type of Vocaloid Miku Plush.

The event is a month long so there’s plenty of time to get the items! I’m not sure how long the stock will last or if they put a limited amount a day since it is a MONTH long event!

I heard they were also selling Kuroko no Basket Ichiban Kuji sets too and you could win prizes as well! Which is awesome. I don’t have much info on that so I won’t be writing about it.

Anyways, to check out all the items they’ll be selling, go here:

There are so many goodies to get! Oh mann~ I’m going to have to compile a list for myself and try to limit my spending -3-;

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