Omerta – Chinmoku no Okita – JJ Dakimakura

Guess what they’re making of JJ? A dakimakura! Woohoo!

But of course, this is an event only item -.-

Omerta ~ Chinmoku no Okite
Maker: Karin Chatnoir
Available at: Comiket 82 – August 10-12
Price: 9,000 yen + tax
Size: 180 cm long

He’ll be sold at the Karin Chatnoir booth at CM82. They said if there is any stock left over from the event, he’ll be sold at their online shop. Though idk if they’ll be left orders or not but if you’re interested, do check it out after the event!

He is quite pricey for one but that’s really how much all dakimakura’s cost nowadays. Not to mention, the male ones are extremely hard to get since it’s always EVENT ONLY ITEMS!

Sorry, my rage. Haha since I missed out on the Saeki one :< (from Kichiku Megane)

Anyways, illustration:

Right: Seme side
Left: Uke side.

Both sides are sexy :> Though the bad thing is you’ll need to get a custom made pillow since it isn’t a standard size. The standard size are usually 150 cm x 50 cm OR 160 cm x 50 cm.

It’s a sexy picture and I’m definitely going to try to get him! If I do get him, I’ll post up pictures of the item when I receive it!

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