Animate x Gift Collobaration Event – Merchandise

In the mail today, I finally got my package of goodies I bought from Animate x Gift Collaboration! Oh yay!

I was so excited to open it. I bought quite a bit of stuff but they were only things that I really really wanted (since I had to limit myself).

Anyways, the box was fairly small but I guess the items themselves weren’t that big.

Akira’s cute little butt.

So I got the bag! I thought I wouldn’t be able to get it but I guess I did! I asked for the Nitro+Chiral one (though I also wanted the Animate one since that was cute). One side of the bag is DRAMAtical Murder.

The other side are the Nitro+Chiral uke boys from each game (besides Aoba). They’re so cute. It’s their school versions!

I bought a bunch of coasters. Well, five to be exact. I wanted more b-but, I had to stick to my budget.

Couldn’t pass up on cute little sleeping Y-shirt Akira!

Naito! He’s adorable too! But he didn’t have much merchandise (besides his plush which I didn’t get).

The king, Shiki :3

Strangely enough, Akira isn’t the queen lol, he’s the jack!

Gakuen Akira is so cute >3< I like that he’s munching on something. I was going to get Shiki to match b-but again, that budget! I had to chose the ones I wanted :>

I finally got the Youji plush strap that I’ve been wanting since it first came out. I wish they made Tetsuo!!!

Rai!!! ~~ he’s the newly released plush strap that’s being sold at the event!

Konoe~ This adorable little cat is SO popular that he sold out after the second day (not sure if they re-stocked him or not) but yeah, I’m so happy I was able to get him! I missed him the first two times he was released on the site >.<;

Suit Gian Carlo! I reallly wanted this so I was happy they were selling him at the event! The suit is just too sexy :3

Can’t leave Y-shirt Akira behind! I have his original one (the standard plush) but I wanted his plush strap too. Now I got two Akira’s! You can take his shirt off lol.

All the items together.

I bought 5 plushies – 4 are plush straps and 1 is a plush.
5 rubber coasters
shopping bag (you get if you spend 3,000yen+)

I’ll do single reviews of the items a little later on so look out for them! ^o^

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3 Responses to Animate x Gift Collobaration Event – Merchandise

  1. innasuu says:

    They are all so beautiful… *sniff*

  2. Alyx says:

    I can’t even describe how jealous I am of you, this loot is amazing. Dx

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