Hatsukare Renai Debut Sengen!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted :< So busy with things! I’ve been trying to post more frequently but yeah, I get distracted. Anyways, moving on…

to the unboxing of Hatsukare☆Renai Debut Sengen! (はつカレっ☆恋愛デビュー宣言!)


This was released at the beginning of April and I finally got it in the mail (SAL shipping from CDJapan).

I purchased only the normal edition since it’s just a lot cheaper than the limited edition (though I would have loved that).

I have yet to play the game since I just received it but I bought this on impulse since the game looked pretty good. Saw some reviews out there and apparently, it’s a pretty good game so I’m glad I got it. Though the main reason I bought this because of one certain character…



CDJapan bounses came with drama CDs :>


by the way, this is the boy who got me to purchase the game! He’s the tsundere :3



That’s it for the unboxing! ^___^ Now…to find my PSP and charge it so I can play!

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