April 2013 Loot


Okay! Time to take a look at HALF of my April loots. These are the items that arrived early. I have one more package arriving a few weeks later (cause I choose a slower shipping method while these few packages, I had to pick EMS cause of the size of the box). Anyways…moving on!!! Btw, I will be doing individual reviews on each of the items :3


The packages! 3 of them. The mailman had to take two trips since he couldn’t carry all of the boxes. I don’t blame him since the bottom one was big…REAL big.


This is Aoba’s box (DDMd). I purchased him from AmiAmi so he got shipped pretty early and fast.



There he is! Look at ALL that excess space that AmiAmi used for just “cushion.” Well I do appreciate that the box and figure was well protected :3

IMG_1859THE BOX! I mean….beautiful Aoba ❤

Taken in the kitchen cause that’s where I opened him. I didn’t want to carry the big box and then bring it back down.


So, the stuff in the packages! Not THAT many but I suppose big-ish items. One box was Aoba. The other was the Shizuo pillow and the third box was all the other stuff!


Unpackaging of the items!


Diabolik Lovers Highlighters. Even though they were listed as pens…clearly, they are highlighters. Comes with a cute sticker. I’m happy a blushing Shuu is on here.


Starry Sky Price blankets. I bought both for a fairly good price ^o^


Back side…!


Cell phone cases from Dezaegg! Bought 2 of my favorite characters from UtaPuri. Ittoki Otoya is my favorite though. I wish I could buy more but they are very pricey :<


Came across these when I was searching for the Starry Sky blankets (up above). I didn’t know they existed but they weren’t too expensive and very cute. So I got both! Happy it was the Spring and Summer boys.


Back of the boxes shows the designs and size of the blankets.


Kuroko’s Basketball chocolate! I wish I bought another set but they set is sold out now. I’m so sad :< I went and got a few individuals (the ones that were available) but I really wanted Kise because his flavor is unique…banana! but sold out :c


Shizuo cushion! I like Izaya better…but I saw this for kind of cheap so I bought it on impulse….lol. The size of the cushion is really big though.


The back side.

Well…that’s it for the unpackaging of the loots! I will do unboxing of each items soon! And yes, I’ll review the chocolate too! :3 look forward to them! I hope to get them up soon ^o^

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2 Responses to April 2013 Loot

  1. アユ says:

    Awesome loot! That Aoba figure /drools/ It is gorgeous! T-This all must have costed heaps *__* And I never knew about Kurobas chocolate! Must be delicious? 😀

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