My Forged Wedding – Yamato Kogami


Going to start with my favorite character from My Forged Wedding – Yamato Kogami

Yamato was the very first story I started with when I played My Forged Wedding since his character appealed to me. I’ll leave some after thoughts at the end of the summary/review.


Before purchasing any route, you get to view each character’s mini biography so you get a little bit of an idea of what he could be like so you can choose to your liking of course! p(*^-^*)q

Onto the summary!

Prologue ☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆

The prologue is a small introduction to the story and the guys of the stories.

The prologue starts with the female protagonist which you can name. I’m going to name her Yuki because it’s easier to reference. The prologue starts off with her arriving at the station. Ever since she graduated from college, she couldn’t find a job. She’s from Kyushu so she came to Tokyo to ask her uncle who is the CEO of a huge company to help her find a job.

She calls up her uncle to let him know she has arrived. Her uncle tells her the direction to the meeting spot but also asks her to pick up some stuff at the supermarket. So she goes to the supermarket but doesn’t know where to find the ingredients. As she’s walking around, she bumps into someone and then asks him for help. He helps her out while complaining that she doesn’t even know what these ingredients are. They were spices. At first impression, she found him rude but he was still kind enough to help her out.

After that, she heads to the location and finds herself in front of a sports bar called Long Island. Her uncle owns the bar as a hobby. She meets her uncle and right away, he says that there are a few people he wants her to meet. One by one, men dressed is semi-professional attire enter the bar. They introduce themselves, handing her a business card (typical Japanese custom) and start questioning her. Yuki starts to think that this may be a job interview so she thinks they’re already seeing if she fits the job description they might be looking for.

Unexpectedly, the guy she met at the grocery store was also one of the guys her Uncle wanted her to meet! And…that guy is Yamato! (-^〇^-)

Anyways, Yuki finds out that this wasn’t a job interview and apparently, her uncle needed her help. If she wants a job, she has to help out one of the guys. So who will you chose?

From there, the prologue ends and you get taken to the main screen where you can choose between 6 of the characters:


Kunihiko is her uncle so he’s also one of the routes. Though, he is more of her distant relative so I suppose, not a close blood-related relative.

This is a screen shot that I took from my game. The red roses mean I own the stories so I haven’t played Kuni’s yet. ANYWAYS…onto the main story!

Main Story ~ Yamato ☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆

I loooooooove Yamato  (。♥‿♥。) He is soooo adorable! He’s tsundere but sometimes straightforward and blunt. He’s a little mean (in a teasing way) but he does little small things that you notice that makes you adore him ^o^!

Yamato is a high school teacher at a prestigious all girls high school. The favor he needs is for Yuki to become his wife. Well, really, just a fake wife. It’s because at the school he works at, it is required that all the male teachers are married. He lied at his interview, saying that he was married in order to get the job. The vice principal has started to suspect him and has been snooping around. Yuki needs to act as Yamato’s fake wife and in order to make it believable; she has to live together with him. She was against it but Kuni said that if she didn’t agree, he wouldn’t help her find a job so reluctantly, she gave in. As they head on back to Yamato’s house, she asks him why he chose that school. He tells her that he can’t say it now but someday he may.

They start living together on the very first day. To make their married life believable, Yamato came up with a little mini biography they each need to memorize, such as things about their hobbies, name, birthdays and simple stuff like that so that they are prepared for whatever happens. Yamato’s house is very clean and organized. He’s neat and he has a love for electronics. He has a Roomba which he always greets when he’s leaving the house or coming back home. As they get settled in the house, Yamato sends her off to shower after he was done using it and then teases her, “The last one to get to the bed sleeps on the sofa!”

Worried she will lose, she quickly gets out but she finds Yamato sleeping on the sofa instead. ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ How cute. This is one of those nice things that he does for her. He teased her but yet, he still gave her the bed. Another thing he does that I find adorable is cooking two types of breakfast. She likes to eat American-style breakfast while he likes Japanese. Basically it started off with him asking what she wanted for breakfast: japanese or american and she picked american. So when she came to breakfast, she was surprised to find two different meals. He complains about it and she said he should just make one meal but he still does it since he likes seeing her happy face. By the way, Yamato is a good cook and there is a reason behind it. Yamato only grew up living with his mother so he had to do all the chores and cooking around the house to help her out.

The story continues on with them slowly getting used to living with each other and acting like a married couple.

Yamato even develops a nickname for her. He calls her Pouty because she pouts a lot. He loves to squeeze her cheeks because they’re so nice and soft and squishy. His favorite food is warabi mochi and he always says her cheeks are like that (same with her body). The other guys scold him because that’s not what a girl wants to hear. But coming from him, it’s a compliment. He’s sooo tsun about it. He’ll say something such as: “It was comfortable resting on your lap today but that’s only because it was really soft like a warabi mochi” though obviously, he freaking enjoyed it since I know he just likes her (^v^)

They were enjoying each others company and actually had fun living together. But then one day, Yuki receives a strange call at home. It was from a student at the school. Yamato had a plan to make it look like they were a lovey-dovey couple to make the vice principal feel less suspicious about it. So he purposely forgot his cell phone at home and told Yuki to bring it to him at school. She visited his school which is why all the students know about his marriage (well, they should already know about that) but they can see that they are a newlywed couple.

Obviously being as hot as Yamato is, a lot of the students are bound to have crushes on him. This student in particular, seems to be super closer to Yamato. She calls to tell Yuki that she knows that the marriage is fake and to break up with Yamato. The reason why she knew they weren’t really married is because Yamato already has her so he doesn’t need Yuki. But Yuki refuses to believe it and thinks that this student could be lying. That is until this student says that they are so ‘close’ to each other, Yuki probably doesn’t know about the mole on his back. Then the phone call ends. They are indeed ‘newlyweds’ but she wouldn’t know if there was a mole or not. Yuki is a little scared and worried. She wants to bring it up to Yamato but she can’t bring herself to.

Later on, Yuki happens to walk in on Yamato showering and sees his back and indeed, there was a mole on there. Now, she is extremely scared that he might be having a relationship with his student; though she thinks it’s not really her business because in reality, they aren’t even a real couple. Yuki keeps it to herself and tries her best to not worry about it though it still bothers her.

One day when Yuki and Yamato were walking home from Long Island, she asked him if he would ever have a relationship with his students. He replied to her that he never would. They are strictly his students and that’s all there is to it. But Yamato could see the worried look on her face. So he tells her that she’s the one person he would never lie to, ever. From those simple words, it eased her heart and she chose to trust him.

Now that they cleared the air a bit, Yuki feels better. Of course, the problem doesn’t end there. Jealousy is an ugly thing. (*-`ω´- )人One morning as Yuki walked Yamato out (outside the apartment complex) they joked around about their fake marriage. Right when Yamato headed off to work, the student popped out saying that she heard everything. However, Yuki tried to play it cool but she didn’t fool the student. Unfortunately, the student had to go to school but right as school finished, she came to their apartment.

Yuki had to invite her inside the house because the student threatened that she would tell on them if she didn’t do so. The student immediately starts questioning Yuki and Yuki tries her best to answer them but she slips up. They were questions kind of like, what he likes to do and stuff. She answered them pretty well but she missed a question. I think it was about Yamato liking dogs? Because he actually doesn’t (I think that was the question…….). Anyways,  Yuki already knows that the student likes Yamato so she thinks it would be okay to tell her the truth. Yuki is having a hard time making excuses and if the student really liked Yamato, she wouldn’t want him fired. As she was about to tell the truth, Yamato arrives home and stops themヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ

Yamato takes over and starts telling the student that they are really married but she still doesn’t believe them. She asks him why he loves her. Yamato looks Yuki in the eyes and starts telling her all the reasons why he loves her. Yuki could tell that he wasn’t lying but she wasn’t sure if he really meant it either. However, the student still wants proof and tells Yamato that if he loves her, then he can kiss her! Yamato seems a bit hesitant but he goes for it anyways. But as they were about to kiss, the student stops them! She can tell that he does love her so she gives it up. She finally gives in and confesses the truth. Everything she said was a lie and that she only knew about his mole because Yamato had to sub in as a teacher for swimming class for a day. So really, there was nothing going on and everything was made up because she’s a jealous lil’ bitch (▼へ▼メ)

Therefore, the problem was resolved. The student leaves the house and Yamato quickly changes the topic and ask what’s for dinner. While they were eating dinner, Yamato finally speaks up and asks her if that was the reason for her worried looks lately (something among those lines). Because he can tell that she has been acting weird and there was also that question she asked him earlier. Yuki answers honestly that she was scared and Yamato apologizes he made her worry. He also confesses that everything he said before was all true (*~▽~) He meant every single word. Yuki was surprised to hear that but it made her happy because…she loves him.

AND THUS…one of the issues in the story was resolved! But of course, there was another issue!  Remember that there was a reason why he chose that school? Well, it was because of his father. Yamato lived with his mother. His father had thrown them away and he never knew who he was. After much searching, he found out that his father was the Principal at the school. In order to meet him, he got a job at the school.

At the beginning of the story, when Yuki was on her way to deliver Yamato’s cell phone, she happened to see an old man trying to fix his bicycle. She stops by and helps him out and from there on, she happens to meet him occasionally and they make small talk.

One day when Yuki and Yamato were out buying some things, Yuki bumps into him again while Yamato was getting bread at the bakery. The old man was holding flowers and she asked him what it was for. He told her that it was for his old love. They were deeply in love but one day, she disappeared. They used to secretly meet at the park on a certain day (Saturday or something) at a certain time. After she left him, he would always go there once a week with flowers and waited, hoping that one day he would see her. As they were talking, Yamato comes back and he’s surprised at what he saw. Yuki finds out that the old man was the Principal and that means, its his dad. Not wanting to speak to him, Yamato quickly excuses himself and they go to Long Island (since that was where they were headed).

At the bar, everyone can see that Yamato is not like himself and finally, they learn about his father. Yamato was mistaken about his father and Yuki tells him what she heard directly from him. That his father loved his mother very dearly and that she was the one that left him though Yamato refuses to believe that. His father’s parents were against it and his mother knew she would cause him issues because she was previously his student AND that she was pregnant with Yamato. She didn’t want to be a burden, so his mother disappeared. Yuki doesn’t like the fact that he’s being stubborn about it and she wants to help them patch up. She makes a plan to take him out to the park so that he’ll meet with his father the next time. Finally, when Yamato meets him again, he learns the truth and they make up. From here on out, they’re going to take small steps in patching up their father-son relationship.

Now that everything was resolved, Yuki felt that her task has been accomplished and she feels a little sad that she’ll have to leave soon. Though of course, there is no way in hell Yamato is letting her leave.

When they arrive home, Yamato finally tells her his true feelings. If she hadn’t been here, he would have continued to hate his father without ever finding out the truth from him. It’s because of her that now, he can never go back to his old life again. Anndddd….that he loves her and he can’t possibly think about living without her. He used to be really lonely after his mother died and he used to be okay living alone but ever since Yuki moved in, Yamato’s been really happy and the thought of being alone again is not something he wants. He needs her and he loves her very much. Yuki is part of his family and as a family, they need to stay together. By the way, Roomba is considered a family member too (>y<)

And thus, the story ends on a happy note and of course, they get a lovey scene in bed in the last chapter ^o^

After thoughts ☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆

I don’t know if I did a good job at describing Yamato’s personality. I guess I just told more of the story plot because I mean, there is plot lol. But like I said…I LOOOOOOVE YAMATO!!! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Yamato is cute and adorable in the things he does for her. Like he’ll carry her stuff. He walks on the outside of the road and lets her walk on the inside. He cooks her breakfast even though he complains about it. He’s so tsundere because he’ll avoid the questions or straight up, not being honest. Though at times, he’s just so blunt. He always calls her Pouty and he doesn’t compliment her in front of her face but he brags about her to others.

God, he’s so adorableeeee ❤ I also enjoyed the story as well. It’s nice to know that there was a reason behind his actions AND the fact that the whole affair thing was SO NOT TRUE! As I was playing it, I was like, OH GOD, HE BETTER NOT BE A CHEATER OR I WILL BE SO MAD. It’s cause I hate cheaters :< but luckily, it didn’t cause he’s just so honest and upright. Plus he finds woman a hassle (except for Yuki of course). But really, I liked the story. You can see how he somewhat changes around her as they live together. The story of himself slowly unfolds the closer he gets to Yuki. Yuki also has a personality of her own. She’s not those typical damsel in distress type girls or ones who are just duel. They describe her as a not very girly-type of girl but yet, she’s pretty cute. She’s a hard core drinker, drinks shochu on the rocks and she gets made fun of for that. She’s upbeat and very positive. She’s helpful and easy to poke fun at. Yamato and Yuki’s relationship together is just like a bickering married couple ❤

Also, the English translation is overall, good. Not like super amazing writing but good grammar and such. There are a few typos that you come across but its not a huge bother to me.

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed the review/walkthrough and give Yamato a try! I guarantee that his story is worth playing. SO, I do hope you enjoy it if you decide to play it because I sure did ❤ Totally fell in love with him. Definitely my favorite boy so far out of all the Voltage Inc. games (●♡∀♡) And before we end, here are the CGs for his main story~

CG ☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆


Yamato getting ready for a shower/bath


Yamato taking off his tie as he’s ready to cook


Trying to sneak a kiss at school cause the vice principal is watching


Getting a comfort hug after he finally revealed why he choose that school


Yamato being cute as fuck ❤


Sexy time (´ ▽`).。o♡


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