[Review] Starry Sky – in Spring blanket


Be prepared to see some awesomely cute pictures (ノ´▽`)ノ♪

I didn’t know that this blanket existed until I did  search for Starry Sky blankets since there was a lottery on them for Mandarake and I was looking to purchase those but I also found these!

Anyways, I bought them from Yahoo Japan Auction. I’m pretty sure these were also prize lotteries as well. They auction for around 1,500 – 2,500 yen which is actually a fairly good price.

The blanket size is 100 cm in width. They don’t have the length stated but probably around 70 cm (I’m totally guessing based on he typical size of these blankets).


This is the box! Blanket is made by Taito :3 (logo there!)


The back side gives you the details of the blanket, size and as well as the design for the Spring and Summer versions.


Suzuya o (◡‿◡✿)


Back side in the package/plastic wrap.


BOOM! Laid it out on my bed. I should have taken a full picture to let you see the comparison on a queen size bed. Basically, it covers about 1/3 of the bed. Fairly small blanket size :<

But it’s SOOO cuteee and the material is very soft! I’m always afraid of getting it dirty so I don’t really use it. I just put it on my bed to look at~


The boys ❤


Chibi versions of the boys!


Aw. They are soooooo cute~ Yoh’s all sleepy and adorable <33


Yoh~~~! lol, you can see that he is dreaming about food. I love that his shirt is rising up and you can kind of see his tummy~


Suzuya is the only one that is awake! I’m not sure if he is studying or…researching things!


And last but not least….! Kanata sleeping with manga on his chest.

I love the colors of the blanket because it’s very Spring-y and it’s also the Spring boys colors (a red-ish pin). The design and artwork is very beautiful and its printed on well so it doesn’t look like crap quality.

If you are interested in purchasing, take a look at Yahoo Japan Auctions and hopefully, you’ll find some in stock for a good price!

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