[Review] Diabolik Lovers – Highlighters


As promised, I said I would do a review on my April loots. First off, Diabolik Lovers highlighters!

I purchased these from movic.jp since they’re only offered there or Animate.jp. I bought them via the proxy I use so (including fees and such, turns out to be a little expensive).

Retail Price: 420 yen (for the 2 set)
Release date: April 2013
Purchase at: http://www.movic.jp/index.php?ctrl=sheet&code=23056


The colors of the highlighters are indicated by the colors of the pen so it’s pink and blue. The pen has a design of the boys in chibi form. There are 6 guys, so 3 each per pen
(^・ω・^ )


A more upclose picture.


Back side with the wrapper on. Has the barcode sticker with price on it.


Let’s review the pink one first! This on has Subaru and Kanato on one side. They’re so cute. I love Kanato’s little bags under his eyes.


Zoom in on the picture for a better look!


The backside is Raito (all by himself, how lonely!) Well…there is a bat and the logo of the title.


Testing the color! If you’ve ever used a highlighter…the colors come out pretty much the same. The highlighter comes with two sides, a fine point and then a fat/flat side. I used the fine point to write and the flat side to highlight.


Blue! (^ω^)I prefer blue over pink AND this one has my favorite character – Shuu! So this highlighter has Shuu and Ayato on one side.


Up close picture.


The other side is Reiji. He has such a creepy smile ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ

The highlighter is the same as the pink one, except for the color and design of course! The blue comes out like any other blue highlighter – a light sky-ish blue. I had it used on the same notepad…but for some reason, I lost the picture or might have accidentally deleted it >.>

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this! More reviews coming soooon!

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