[Review] UtaPuri Ittoki & Sho phone case



Finally getting some reviews done <( ̄︶ ̄)>

UtaPuri S2 is doing quite well (I’m actually enjoying it) so I went on a search to find some things and chanced upon this!

I’ve always wanted a phone case of anime characters I like but it’s difficult to find if you don’t have an iphone. I have At&t Galaxy s2 Skyrocket. International version would be Galaxy s2 LTE.

So I found phone cases for the galaxy series and then I saw the Galaxy s2 LTE. I wasn’t at first sure if it was the same but the design and sizes of the phone were similar so I went ahead and purchased some.

I bought Ittoki’s & Sho’s (since they are my two favorites from UtaPuri)

Maker: Dezaegg
Price: 2980 yen (pricey I know~)
Website: http://dezaegg.com/

Purchased this through my proxy since I don’t think they ship internationally. You can sometimes find them at amiami or cheaper but they usually sell out. I know amiami sold some Amnesia ones (which I was able to purchase. Shall do a review on those later).

Anyways, onto the pictures!


First off, Sho’s. As UtaPuri fans know, Sho’s color s pink. This is the box the case comes in, nothing too special.




Boom~! The case. I love the colors on Sho’s. It’s such a pretty pink to purple to blue gradient. There are little song notes and sparkly stars in the background. He’s wearing their debut outfit and of course, his name is on there as well as the copyright. I like the angle he’s posing at and the overall illustration is done well.


The inside is just plain white. By the way, the material is a thin, hard plastic cover. I wouldn’t say it’s very protective but it’s good to prevent your phone from getting scratches on the back and such.


My phone with the case on from the front. You can see my camera glare on the screen lol. Nothing special but you it looks very nice from the front because you can see the bright and colorful sides.


The back side with the phone on. It fits really well overall so I was very happy about that. I think there is just one space/part that doesn’t completely cover the silver outline (on the front) but not a big deal.


Ittoki (*°∀°)=3

My favorite~


So cute.


His hair is red so his color is red. I’m not a huge fan of yellow so I’m okay on the colors but the gradient from red to orange to yellow is nice because the shades do match. I however do love how he looks on their :3 His debut outfit is my favorite outfit. He looks too nice.


Side by side, you can see that the designs are similar but just the colors and the characters are different. Even though I like Ittoki more, I prefer Sho’s because of the colors ^o^


Testing Ittoki’s case on my phone!


It actually looks really nice, I’m not going to lie. I really like how the phone looks from the front because you can see the sides of the case. Also forgot to add but I like that the case is thin so when you put it on, your phone is any lighter or fatter. Just fits nicely and complements the phone well!

Currently, I’m using Sho’s. I totally recommend this case if anyone is interested in getting it! They offer it for quite a few phones (galaxy series, iphone, xperia and so forth).

You can check out the site and browse for the ones you like!

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