Tamako Market – Mochizo pillow case


God, this is so adorable I just had to make a post!

So I wake up this morning to check amiami (my morning ritual) to see what’s new. As I’m scrolling down the list, I see this…this….CUTEEEEEEEE picture! So i click on it! And what do you know? It’s a pillow case of Mochizo~ ❤

Now I’ll let you know, I haven’t finished Tamako Market yet. I only got as far as like episode 2 (though I do plan to finish it when school is over).

Mochizo Oji
Maker: M’s
Size: 40 cm x 90 cm
Quality: PolysterRelease date: June 2013 (what a terrible month for me!)
Price: 3,030 yen

And…DUN DUN DUN! The picture down below!


Isn’t he adorable? Omg…by far the cutest and most MOE pillow case I’ve chanced upon (and you know, there aren’t many male pillow cases out there).

My June pre-order is pretty packed but…I couldn’t pass this up so I squeezed him into my order! I would have regretted it otherwise!

I must say, the size of the pillow is rather odd so I think I’ll end up trying to make a pillow of my own cause I totally have to have him displayed on my bed. He’s not worth tucked away :3

I need to marathon this show! Anyways, I suppose if you like cute moe looking boys AND you’re a fan of Mochizo, I recommend getting it!

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