Super Late April Loots

aprilbannerMy April loots (super duper late) arrived a few weeks ago. I just never had the time to put them up yet!

And…! I know I still have more reviews to come (of previous loots)


Got 2 boxes this time! One was from AmiAmi and another was from HobbySearch


Opened the AmiAmi box cause it has more stuff. The HS box was just one super small thin item. It was from an order they messed up so I got it as a complimentary!


Fufufu~~ cute stuff! And finally got Jude! After being delayed for SOOO looong!


And…after unboxing everything, this is what I got! Some were bought off eBay. I got a lot of keychains this time.


Kuroko key strap! I didn’t think the basketball would be that big o.o
Kirito strap! It’s so cuteee. His chibi faces are adorable.
Amnesia neck strap


Amnesia Shin & Kent phone cases. Quite pricey so I only got my 2 favorites of the show (btw, Shin is my favorite <3)


Amnesia Crowd PSP Game. Sorry for the glare x.x I took it at night so…yeah! It came with a short Drama CD.


Kurobas straps made by doujin artists. The other characters I wanted were sold out (Kuroko, Akashi and stuff) so I bought Kagami (sorry he’s covered!), Mura and Kise.
There’s a Shin cupcake strap and Shin figure strap.
Ittoki mobile cleaner strap~ :3 so cute – everything that is.

IMG_2268I purchased this because I thought I was getting a 3ds. well I did but I wanted the XL so I returned the 3ds but I couldn’t cancel this…so…now I have it! It’s a nice picture though.

Well, that’s it for my loots! Hope to get more reviews up soon! ^o^

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