May Loots!

mayheaderYup. Another package came and this one was quite delightful ^o^ I was so happy when I got the package (cause I knew which one it was). Has a lot of goodies!


It was one box but it was packed with stuff o.o small and big stuff!


Taking out the contents, this is what I got! Now, had to unwrap each item. O__o so many wrappers and bubble wrap!


After unpacking…this is what I got! Bunch of keychains/straps, blankets/pillow and snacks :3


Magi Manjyuu ~ comes with 9 pieces ~


Back side of the box. Will do a review on them!


More Kuroko’s Basketball Chocolate. They ran out of flavors. I really wanted Kise’s! And oh boy, I still need to review those! (I do have pictures but need to get to it). So I was only able to get Mura/Aka, Aomine and Midorima.


Here…we got buttons and straps!
Black Wolves Saga Button
Diabolik Lovers Shuu & Subaru Button
Shuu Strap! (so cute)
Amnesia Shin Button
Ittoki strap
Ittoki stamp! I’m excited to test that out~


Izaya strap~ Adorable :3


Hm…freebie postcard I got with one of the items. Pretty art ^o^


Kuroko Milk Candy Drops. Sounds tasty~


Back side ~


Karneval Cookies! Comes with 10 pieces. Have yet to open it but I think I should eat them soon before they spoil :O


Side box designs


Back side with information. I think the box is rather pretty.


Cookies! They look pretty normal. I wish they had designs on them :3


Shuu Towel! I’ve been searching for this for sooooooooo long so I was very happy when I was able to find him!


Jin Kisaragi Body Pillow Case! OH gosh! This was extremely hard to find and I was lucky to find out that he was re-issued for a short while!


Ittoki Otoya Pillow. I need this boy ❤


Karneval Pillow! One side is Yogi. Sexy~

IMG_2372AND GAREKI <3333 Gosh, your off the shoulder shirt thingy is so fabulous. It’s so like, unmanly but still hot.

That’s it for now! :3

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